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Amazon Prime: The best TV shows at the moment

Amazon Prime: The best TV shows at the moment

By daniele

Even when, it is not common for Amazon Prime to have a lot of new TV shows or a special season of the year to launch their projects. They compensate for it by having their most popular shows from time to time. And this is a great surprise for the viewers because it is not easy to match a series when you have a lot of options and not always the likes algorithm works well.

For this reason, we made a list of some of the best TV shows on Amazon Prime now, that we can divide into the grown-up team and the little ones. Also, this list is organized by genre, year, number of seasons, etc. 

We want to start with the cartoons that can be for the littles (obviously also the adults): 

Anime/ adult animation

  • The Legend of Vox Machina (2022)

This is an Amazon original series, based on the Dungeons & Dragons Twitch stream that became popular. As a result, they created an adult animated fantasy series. The story follows the seven-member team known as Vox Machina that play Level 7 of D&D, working to avenge the murder of the ruler of a town called Whitestone. The series, which will surely appeal to those who love D&D and who got hooked on the Twitch stream, has already been renewed for a second season.

Numbers of seasons Genre Created by
1 Sci-Fiction & Fantasy Jason Monsorno

  • The Boys Presents: Diabolical (2022)

By summer of 2022, the third season of The Boys appeared. The new story focuses on “unseen stories within The Boy’s universe” and you can expect plenty of hilarity, gore, emotion, and shocking moments that clearly show us that it is not a -safe-for-kids series. With eight episodes in season 1, there is plenty of time to savor this show while anxiously awaiting the return of Homelander, Billy Butcher, Hughie, Starlight, Kimiko, and other fan-favorite characters from the original show. All the shows are based on the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson DC Comics comic book of the same name.

Numbers of seasons Genre
1 Action and adventure

  • Do, Re & Mi (2021)

An animated original for preschoolers, the title characters are three musical birds who just so happen to be best friends. Kids will delight in going on adventures with their flying friends, singing along with the melodies, and bopping with the beats. Of course, each musical journey has a purpose, as the birds aim to solve various problems in each episode.

Numbers of seasons Genre
1 Kids

  • Invincible (2021)

Another new Amazon original series, that is already receiving rave reviews. While it is an animated superhero series, Invincible is not a show to watch with the kids. At the heart of the story is Mark Grayson the teenage son of the world’s most powerful superhero, Omni-Man. Once Mark turns 18, he begins to develop his own superhero skills and must balance becoming Invincible with being a typical coming-of-age teenage boy, and learning the truth about his dad. Keep an ear out for the members of the Guardians of the Globe superhero team, loosely based on the Justice League.

Numbers of seasons Genre Created by
1 Action and Adventure Robert Kirkman, etc.

  • Jessy & Nessy (2020)

It is a great series to watch with the kids. Jessy is a curious young girl who can see the world and objects from a literally different perspective thanks to her Inspectable, magical glasses she can don whenever she wants to know more. As she heads out on various adventures, Jessy is accompanied by her furry best friend Nessy, a 5,000-year-old purple sea monster. Together, the pair learn about the world around them while teaching kids to watch interesting facts at home along the way.

Numbers of seasons Genre Created by
1 Kids Jam Media



  • Reacher (2022)

The character first popularized on screen by Tom Cruise in the movies is now available on the small screen in this Amazon original. The former United States Army major, interpreted now by Alan Ritchson, who has moved on to travel the U.S., looking for whatever odd jobs he can find to take down bad guys. Based on the Lee Child book series, and like the first movie, season 1 of Reacher will focus on the storyline in the debut novel Killing Floor. After being arrested for a murder, he did not commit, Jack finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy. With danger at every turn, it is a thrilling ride all the way through.

Numbers of seasons Genre Created by
1 Action, adventure & mystery Nick Santora

  • The Terminal List (2022)

Based on the Jack Carr novel of the same name. Reece, interpreted by Chris Pratt, is a military man who is ambushed while his platoon is on a mission. Following his return home and his severe PTSD from these events, Reece begins to question what he remembers and what his role might have been in what happened. Through his investigation, Reece realizes that there might be more at play. And there are people working against him, which puts both himself and his family in danger.

Numbers of seasons Genre Created by
1 Action, adventure & drama David DiGilio

  • The Boys (2019)

It is a dark, depraved deconstruction of super-powered heroes and villains. The Boys follows a group of vigilantes who take it upon themselves to police the super-powered heroes who abuse their abilities and take advantage of the trust the public has placed in them. As grim and shockingly violent as it is clever, the series is set in a world in which superpowers, corporate greed, and media consolidation have bled together to create a particularly frightening form of corruption. The audience sees it all through the eyes of Hughie, an average guy whose chance encounter with a superhero changes his life forever.

Numbers of seasons Genre Created by
3 Action, crime & drama Eric Kripke

  • Jack Ryan (2018)

This spy thriller premiered in 2018 and casts John Krasinski as the titular CIA analyst who finds himself investigating one far-reaching international threat after another. The show has offered up two well-received seasons so far, with a third on the way.

Numbers of seasons Genre Created by
2 Action, drama & thriller Carlton Cuse, Graham Roland

  • Vikings (2013)

A down-to-earth historical fantasy saga, Vikings chronicles the rise of Ragnar Lothbrok from farmer to legendary warrior. Ragnar sails around Northern Europe searching for plunder, accompanied by his warrior wife, Lagertha, and other allies. It is a grim series, drawing on the legends surrounding Viking raids in the Middle Ages. Although not the most historically accurate show, Vikings does maintain a grittier aesthetic than some of its fantasy contemporaries.

Numbers of seasons Genre Created by
6 Action, drama & adventure Michael Hirst



  • The Lake (2022)

The first Canadian Amazon Original series, is about a brother and his stepsister which are fighting over their parent’s family cottage. The first Canadian Amazon Original series, is about a brother and his stepsister, which are fighting over their parent’s family cottage. For one side, Justin, who has moved away for years, he decides to return home following a bad breakup to reconnect with the teenage daughter he gave up for adoption. But when Justin heads to his family cottage, he discovers that his parents left the residence to his “evil” perfect stepsister, Maisy-May. So begins a war between the siblings.

Numbers of seasons Created by
1 Julian Doucet

  • Harlem (2021)

This comedy fills a much-needed hole in the TV landscape for a series about Black female friendship. At the center are four female friends who went to university together and are now in their 30s, living and working in Harlem. As with any show about female friendship, the women are navigating all the important elements of life, from careers to love and personal growth, all while leaning on one another for support and guidance.

Numbers of seasons Created by
1 Tracy Oliver

  • Workaholics (2011)

With 7 seasons, one of those great sitcoms that flew under the radar through its run. Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm together created and starred in the show about three college dropouts and roommates who have not grown up. They work together at a telemarketing company, and while the show delves into their work lives, it also focuses on their antics outside the office, which often include a lot of drinking, partying, and pranks.

Numbers of seasons Created by
7 Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Blake Anders

  • How I Met Your Mother (2005)

The series starts from the perspective of Ted Mosby talking to his teenage kids in the year 2030, the premise of this sitcom is the story of how Ted met their mother. But like any long-winded dad regaling stories of his past, before Ted can recall how he met the love of his life, he waxes nostalgic about all the women he dated first. Naturally, going into detail about being a single man in his late 20s and early 30s in New York means delving into everything else in his life at that time, including his career and, most importantly, his close-knit group of friends. The sitcom is Friends for a new generation, and the ensemble cast is made for comedy gold.

Numbers of seasons Created by
9 Carter Bays, Craig Thomas

  • Will & Grace (1998)

Relive the hilarity of Will and Grace as former lovers turned best friends and roommates, (Will, who came out in college as gay, and Grace, who is straight), as well as their quirky best friends and neighbors. You can stream all eight seasons of the original on Amazon Prime now, then pick up with your favorite characters in the revival series (which is streaming on Hulu).

Numbers of seasons Created by
8 Max Mutchnick, David Kohan


Crime/Mystery and Drama 

  • A Very British Scandal (2021)

In 1963, the divorce proceedings between Ian Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll and Chief of Clan Campbell, and his wife Margaret Campbell shook postwar Britain. At a time when the social and political climates were very different from today, as were attitudes toward women, the allegations of everything from adultery to violence, drug use, and more were salacious and scandalous. It was one of the most notorious legal cases at the time.

Numbers of seasons Genre Created by
1 Drama Sarah Phelps

  • The Wilds (2020)

This addictive series captures the trials and tribulations of being a teenage girl, combining them with the trauma of being stranded on a deserted island following a plane crash. The Lost meets angsty teen drama examines each young girl, all from very different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, and the hardships they face back home that have shaped their reactions and actions on the island.  Viewers are let in on the juicy twist early: The girls did not end up on the island by accident. It is a thrilling series that has quickly become one of the best Amazon originals.

Numbers of seasons Genre Created by
2 Drama & Mystery Sarah Streicher

  • The Night Manager (2016)

This British drama/spy thriller about Jonathan Pine, the night manager of a luxury hotel in Cairo who moonlights with a task force to help take down an illegal arms dealer, Richard “Dicky” Onslow Roper. Jonathan’s past as a British soldier provides him with the knowledge and means to do more than just rent out rooms. Based on the 1993 novel of the same name by John le Carré. It is just six episodes, making this series a quick and fulfilling binge.

Numbers of seasons Genre Created by
1 Crime, Drama & Mystery David Farr

  • Goliath (2016)

McBride, a down-on-his-luck, disgraced but brilliant lawyer who, after helping set a criminal free who went on to kill an entire family, has decided to drown his sorrows in alcohol and women. But when a small-time DUI lawyer/real estate agent discovers a case that is out of her depth to handle, she begs for his assistance. Seeing an opportunity to redeem himself and right injustices that see the wealthy skirt the law, he decides it is time to turn things around. It is one of those series that has quietly flown under the radar, but deserves far more accolades than it receives.

Numbers of seasons Genre Created by
1 Crime, Drama & Mystery David Farr

  • Dexter (2006)

Taking Jeff Lindsay’s dark and disturbing novels and turning them into a compelling crime, drama and mystery series, Dexter is easily one of the best shows to ever grace the small screen. The subpar ending aside, the story of a skilled blood-spatter analyst for the Miami police department who moonlights as a vigilante serial killer. Viewers find themselves rooting for and sympathizing with the title character as he tries to blend in and navigate what he understands to be a “normal” life while satisfying his true, murderous passion.

Numbers of seasons Genre Created by
8 Crime, Drama & Mystery James Manos Jr



  • The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022)

Based on the book of the same name by popular YA novelist Jenny Han. The Summer I Turned Pretty promises a similar coming-of-age story about a 16-year-old young woman named Isabel who visit Cousins Beach with her family every summer. But she has a feeling that this summer will be different, and she is right when a love triangle ensues between the brothers of her mom’s childhood best friend, with whom they vacation. It is about love, heartbreak, and a young woman coming into her own during one pivotal summer that will change everything.

Numbers of seasons Genre Created by
1 Drama Gabrielle G. Stanton. Jenny Han

  • The Pursuit of Love (2021)

Set in pre-World War II Europe, Linda, and Fanny are cousins who are on the hunt to find true love, marriage, and the perfect husband. But as their priorities change and their lives begin to go in different directions, their friendship is tested.

Numbers of seasons Genre
2 Drama and Romance 

  • Modern Love (2019)

A weekly column in The New York Times inspired this romantic comedy anthology series, which premiered in 2019. The series follows various residents of New York City as they deal with the trials and tribulations of finding romance and keeping it alive in the modern era.

Numbers of seasons Genre
2 Comedy and Romance


Here are some of the titles of the series of Amazon Prime, I hope this list helps you to choose one of them to see it.


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