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Announcement of the launching of a trading marketplace

In a sector where the main titles are Netflix or HBO, other platforms are trying to gain ground. In the case of Rakuten TV, as we will see below, it stands out for being a three-in-one device that allows access to subscription-based content, but also offers other movies that you can watch for free with ads and having a video store. Service, rent, or buy new books.

What is Rakuten TV?

Rakuten TV is a streaming platform for movies, series, and documentaries that is available for use in several countries, including Spain. It was created after Rakuten bought the Spanish Wuaki. tv in 2012 and has become one of the great alternatives to heavyweights such as Netflix, HBO, or Prime Video.

The main differentiating feature of this service is that it offers different types of experience, it is like a three-in-one where you can find the classic content service under a monthly subscription, but also an online video store of premieres for which you have to pay separately and its set is the fact of offering free movies and series with ads, something they started doing in October 2019 to try to fight more effectively against other platforms. It would be something like free Spotify but brought to the world of movie streaming services. Otherwise, as expected, this is a service that you can access from any device connected to the internet. This means you can use it on your PC, cell phone, tablet, or TV through its website or mobile apps, smart TVs, Android TV devices, and game consoles. 

In addition, it also has special profiles for children that filter content. You can use Rakuten Super Points, which you earn by spending on the company’s products, including the Rakuten online store. For every euro spent, you will receive points that you can spend instead of money on TV on your platform.

Rakuten NFT

The announcement notes that new functions will be added in the future, and a service to buy and sell NFT content is planned for launch in 2023.

Rakuten NFT’s first release will include digital assets from the anime Ultraman and the comic Kurogane Hiroshi G1 Gekitoshi. This step, guided by the latest trends, is possible thanks to the good year that the Japanese company signed in 2021 with a profit of more than 237 billion. In the summer of 2019, Rakuten launched a cryptocurrency trading platform, and in the spring of 2021, Rakuten allowed customers to load ‘cryptos’ into Rakuten Pay accounts. Now the company is getting into the NFTs game. In addition, the company also plans to produce and sell the `J.League NFT Collection Players Anthem’, the official NFT collection of the J.League (the top tier of professional soccer in Japan’s league system).

With a population of over 126 million people and a popular culture such as anime and manga, Japanese artists realize the potential. According to TheCableIndex, NFT adoption in Japan is 90%, leading experts to expect an increase in cryptocurrency usage.


After the widespread adoption of NFT and the great success of the industry, it has captured the attention of the entire cryptocurrency market. As a result, many players and other investors from various industries have started investing in NFT.

People’s interest in digital art and collectibles in Japan is increasing as the value of the NFT market rises. In addition, Coincheck, a local exchange house, launched a dedicated NFT market in March 2021. Ms. Fujimoto, known as “Miss Bitcoin,” joined the Enjin regional sports blockchain to start a support program for NFT in Japan.


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