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Disney Plus: Nostalgia and New Favorites Combined

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I was transported to a magical kingdom filled with shows and movies I used to love as a kid, some of which I had completely forgotten about, when I first logged into Disney Plus. We just looked around and asked each other, “Do they have this?,” for well over an hour. Is that available? After that, we compelled our children to begin reliving our youth.

With good reason, Disney Plus is making a big deal out of its old catalog. There are numerous childhood favorites around every corner, whether you were born in the early 2000s, the 1990s, the 1980s, or before. You’ll find that some of them are just as fun now as they were when you were a kid, while others, like Return of Jafar, actually make you feel bad if you’re older than ten.

No matter what, nostalgia is king right now, and Disney is the best at using it. There is a lot to watch when you add Fox classics owned by Disney like The Simpsons. However, a good streaming service is more than just old content. There is very little substance left when all of these traditional favorites are taken out.

Despite the fact that Disney’s original content is a wasteland of disappointment, the company’s back catalog is oh-so-magical. There are only two movies and nine original series.

Forky Asks, a short film, is kind of cringe-inducing. Additionally, there is Pixar in Real Life, where characters and elements from Pixar films like Inside Out are brought into the real world. It’s okay, sort of? But whatever, I’m not sure I get the point.

I only watched about five minutes of Encore, which I assume features Kristen Bell reuniting former high school classmates to restage musicals from their youth.

Fair enough, there is also some good stuff. I’ve heard good things about the new High School Musical, but I don’t want to see it because I like to live. The Mandalorian is a must-watch for Star Wars fans, and I can confirm that it is enjoyable. Although I wouldn’t describe it as “the best new show ever,” it has potential.

I watched the new Lady and the Tramp movie with my kids and thought it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. It doesn’t get very many good reviews. Noelle doesn’t seem to do anything novel, despite the fact that she looks pretty cute for a holiday movie for kids.

Funny enough, with the exception of Noelle, the majority of the decent originals are also plays about nostalgia. The remaining people just don’t seem to have much heart.

Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are just a few of the Netflix originals. Additionally, Hulu and Amazon Prime offer a plethora of extras. In comparison, these streaming services are mature, but Apple TV Plus should not be overlooked.

Avoid missing: Apple TV Plus vs. Disney Plus: Apple TV Plus appears to be losing the battle of the “Netflix killers” to Disney Plus in terms of signups and praise. Even though For All of Mankind, See, and Dickinson are all one-of-a-kind originals, I have to give Apple credit for making them, even though the latter has received mixed reviews. Even though I haven’t signed up yet, these shows have at least made me think about it.

Disney employs some of the best animators and writers. It would have been nice to see some of that effort put into some exclusives that were truly one-of-a-kind.

Disney had the money and resources to make some amazing originals right away, but it probably thought it had more than enough classics and hits to get people to sign up. We would say that it was correct in light of the constant hype surrounding Disney Plus.

Obviously, it likewise requires investment to make shows and films, and even Netflix began as only a humble web-based feature with no unique substance by any stretch of the imagination. For the time being, Disney Plus is primarily a nostalgia buffet; however, as a family-friendly binge-watching service, it performs admirably. Additionally, I can see how it can unite families with multiple generations this holiday season. Imagine grandpa displaying his favorite 1950s and 1960s Disney films.

For what it’s worth, Disney Plus has a bright future thanks to the numerous new original films and shows that will be released later this year and beyond. You can see that many of these are also plays about nostalgia, but remakes and spin-offs are still at least somewhat new, right?

I still highly recommend Disney Plus, despite the lack of new content. This is especially true for families and people like me who have always been kids. There is plenty to eat at the open buffet if you’re hungry. You should hopefully be able to find new content once you get tired of living in the past.

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