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How to Cancel Netflix Subscription

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription

By israelipanda

This article clarifies how for drop Netflix through a few sources, including an internet browser, the Netflix application for Android or iOS, and iTunes or Google Play.

Directions in this article apply to the Netflix video real time feature application for savvy TVs, computer game control center, internet browsers, and cell phones.

Instructions to Cancel Netflix on a Web Browser

Under MEMBERSHIP and BILLING, select Cancel Membership.

You can keep on watching Netflix until your record closes toward the finish of the ongoing charging time frame.

Step by step instructions to Cancel Netflix From the Mobile App

To drop your membership utilizing the Netflix portable application for Android or iOS, follow these means:

  • Send off the Netflix application and select More.
  • Select Account to open the crossing out page in an internet browser.
  • Look down and select Cancel Membership.
  • Dropping the membership from any gadget drops the record for all gadgets. Uninstalling any of the Netflix applications, be that as it may, doesn’t drop your membership.

Instructions to Cancel Netflix by means of Google Play on Your Computer

On the off chance that you bought into Netflix through Google Play, you should drop your membership utilizing your Google account. Go to in any program and select My Subscriptions on the passed on side to deal with your record, including activities to drop Netflix.

You should be signed in to the Google account you used to set up Netflix.

The most effective method to Cancel Netflix through Google Play on Android

To drop a Netflix membership through Google Play on Android, send off the Google Play application and select your profile picture in the upper-right corner, then select Payments and Subscriptions > Subscriptions. You will actually want to drop any recorded membership, including Netflix.

Instructions to Cancel Netflix through Apple

  • Assuming that you pursued Netflix through Apple, you can deal with your membership from your iPhone or PC.
  • Assuming that you set up your Netflix account on an Apple TV, you can drop your membership utilizing this strategy.
  • Select View My Account under Account and sign into your Apple ID whenever incited.
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