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How to Cancel Prime Video Subscription

How to Cancel Prime Video Subscription

By israelipanda

This article clarifies how for drop add-on administrations to an Amazon Prime Video membership. It likewise gives subtleties on what’s in store subsequent to dropping and why you probably won’t have the option to drop an extra help.

Instructions to Cancel Amazon Prime Video Add-ons

Amazon Prime Video offers a lot of extra administrations like HBO, Starz, Paramount+ (previously CBS All Access), and Showtime. In the event that you pursued a free preliminary and wish to drop, or on the other hand in the event that you’re finished gorging each of the shows you needed to watch, you ought to know how to deal with your Prime Video channels.

  • Open an internet browser and go to the Prime Video membership the board page. Sign in to your Amazon account whenever provoked.
  • Under Your Channels, select Cancel Channel(s) close to the singular help you wish to drop.
  • Affirm your longing to drop your membership in the case that shows up.
  • You can get back to the Prime Video membership the executives page whenever to continue your membership.

What Happens After You Cancel

After you’ve dropped, you’ll in any case approach the video channels until your membership period closes. Your dropping guarantees that Amazon doesn’t consequently restore your membership on the recorded reestablishment date. Tragically, you won’t be given a discount for dropping, regardless of whether you haven’t utilized the membership.

On the off chance that You Can’t Cancel an Amazon Video Subscription

In the event that you follow the means above and can’t find the video channel you’re attempting to drop, it’s conceivable you don’t really have a membership. Amazon Prime individuals approach a wide choice of premium video content, including a lot of well known shows from networks, like HBO. In the event that you can watch shows like The Wire from HBO or Californication from Showtime, it very well might be on the grounds that they are essential for your Amazon Prime enrollment and not piece of an extra membership to those extra channels.

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