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Hulu’s Top TV Shows: Our Picks for Binge-Watching Bliss

Hulu’s Top TV Shows: Our Picks for Binge-Watching Bliss

By israelipanda

People used to have to wait a full week for the next episode of their favorite television show to air. Thankfully, that time has passed as streaming has made binge-watching more accessible. Members of Hulu, in particular, have access to a wide range of choices on days when they want to binge watch episode after episode. Which one should you go with? The very best Hulu shows to binge watch right now are listed here.

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Dopesick, starring Michael Keaton, who won an Emmy for his role as Dr. Samuel Finnix, is an important film that is hard to watch. The series provides an honest and relevant look at the opioid addiction crisis in the United States. Dopesick is a must-see due to its empathetic approach and breathtaking performances, which touch on how it affects addicts and their families as well as the larger picture 

Taffy Brodesser-Akner wrote Fleishman Is in Trouble, which she turned into a weird drama that veers into dark comedy before reversing course. Jesse Eisenberg plays Dr. Toby Fleishman in Fleishman Is in Trouble, a divorced man who is suddenly abandoned with his two children by his ex-wife (Claire Danes). This role is truly highlighted by the cast’s undeniable talent. Lizzy Caplan completes the cast and also narrates the series in character. Fleishman Is in Trouble is a mind-boggling drama that should be read in one sitting and covers topics like marriage and divorce, contemporary dating practices, and mental illness.

The Dropout, a miniseries based on Elizabeth Holmes’ tech company’s rise and fall, stars Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes. The true story was adapted by Elizabeth Meriwether (Single Parents) for a more entertaining narrative, allowing viewers to better comprehend the founder of Theranos and the scandal’s more intricate details. Not only did Seyfried’s performance win awards and critical praise, but it was also so successful that this story’s future adaptations were canceled. The Dropout truly explored unseen aspects of the story, supported by Naveen Andrews (Sense8), who played Holmes’ lover and business partner in a haunting performance.


Featuring Beauty Van Patten (Nine Amazing Outsiders), Let me know Falsehoods depends on the intense book by writer Carola Lovering. The dark romance about codependency and intoxicating infatuation is produced by Emma Roberts. Meaghan Oppenheimer’s narrative is intoxicatingly twisted, with messy characters and enticing secrets. Van Patten plays Lucy in Tell Me Lies. She is a charming young woman who gets into an unanticipated relationship with Stephen (Jackson White) and the relationship continues for eight years.


You have probably heard a lot about The Bear, and I can assure you that it more than lives up to the hype. Carmy (Jeremy Allen White), a fine-dining chef who returns home to run his family’s beef sandwich restaurant after his brother kills himself, is the show’s central character. The show does an excellent job of capturing what it’s like to work in a restaurant and the distinctive atmosphere of living in Chicago. One of the most genuine and upbeat new shows of the year is The Bear, which focuses on the love of food and family, both blood-related and chosen, and is as funny as it is heartbreaking and hopeful as it can be.

I just adore American Horror Story, a classic soapy melodrama with a twist on horror. American Horror Story isn’t very good as a story because it focuses more on the “horror” than the “story,” but it always delivers as a spectacle. Every season unavoidably concocts a mad pastiche of horror traditions, transforming well-known plot devices into debauched and occasionally downright spooky tales of terror. The brilliant idea of a rotating cast of actors reinventing themselves each season as they inhabit new time periods and subgenres is also noteworthy. Amazing actors like Kathy Bates, Angela Basset, and Sarah Paulson keep returning to Murphy’s crazy worlds because they get to play such unusual, out-of-the-box roles, and it’s clear that they’re having a lot of fun doing it. However, perhaps the most significant achievement of American Horror Story was the reemergence of Jessica Lange. Salute to The Supreme!

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