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The Steamiest Movies On Hulu Right Now

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The best films offer glimpses into the best aspects of our humanity as a whole: skepticism, peril, fervor, death, and, of course, the ordinary Love, romance, self-discovery, and sex are all fundamental to the human condition, so they play a significant role in our productions. There are a lot of genres that use physical and emotional relationships to tell some of the most compelling stories, and even during their deep explorations into society and self, some of them can get pretty steamy. Aside from that particular, infamous category of movies that only focus on the sex, which we won’t be covering here, there are many others.

Hulu, like the other top streaming services, has a plethora of interesting shows and movies, from its extensive rental collection to its numerous excellent originals. Obviously, this means that Hulu has a lot of movies that show all sides of love and lust, and likewise, it follows that some of these movies are better than others. Check out this list of the steamiest movies on Hulu right now if you’re in the mood for that kind of sweetness, spice, or savory combination of the two but don’t know where to start or what’s worth your time.

Wonder Woman is now regarded as a wholesome, triumphant character, an icon of strength, morality, and feminism worthy of admiration from leagues of young women (of all genders), thanks to the development of contemporary comic books and, particularly, Gal Gadot’s performance in several hugely successful DCEU films. However, during her early years, the character was more well-known to many as a kink icon and a frequent damsel in distress and bondage subject than a superhero. The drama “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women,” which came out in 2017, examines the character’s more erotic past, particularly her real-life creator and the women who influenced her portrayal.


Luke Evans plays Wonder Woman’s creator William Moulton Marston in the film, which received high praise. It also features Rebecca Hall as Elizabeth Holloway Marston and Bella Heathcote as Olive Byrne, the so-called “Wonder Women” who were Marston’s research partners, polygamous partners, and the character’s inspiration. In addition to addressing a number of unusual (for the age group) sexual styles in a positive and supportive manner, the film is interesting, original, and compelling. Additionally, as you might have anticipated, the women who influenced a BDSM icon are quite kinky.


Count on us: R100″ is unlike any other movie you’ve ever seen. In addition, significant portions of “R100” are indistinguishable from the remainder of the film. When you read this, you might think, “Well, I’ve seen a lot of movies,” but we promise that none can prepare you for “R100” in its entirety, which only increases its value. The movie is funny, sad, tense, and most of all, unpredictable at times. Even if it didn’t have many sexual scenes, it’s still worth watching.

Takafumi, a routine salesman, is the main character in this Japanese comedy from 2013 who decides to join the most exclusive and bizarre BDSM club he can find. The dominatrixes spend a year torturing Takafumi, whether he is in private or in public, at random intervals and in increasingly unexpected ways, as you might expect from a club like this.

As Takafumi sits in a restaurant trying to eat his sushi, one of the first dominatrixes surprises him. As he eats the mess with his hands, she stands silently behind him and punches his food into a paste. While he is out walking at night, another simply makes vaguely threatening laps around him, while another interrupts him while he is visiting his comatose wife and uses her mastery of impressions to nag him in his wife’s voice. “R100” is unlike any other film, seriously.

Did you enjoy the movie “Sisters,” in which Amy Poehler and Tina Fey co-star as the aforementioned siblings who throw an epic blowout party to celebrate their parents’ decision to sell their childhood home? Or maybe you didn’t like the movie because you thought it could have had more gory scenes? Regardless, “A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy,” which swaps the party for an all-night orgy between friends and had the same plot as “Sisters” four years earlier, will surprise you.

“A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy” lives up to its name by featuring a plethora of sexual sequences, particularly in the film’s final act. The movie has some sexiness, but its all-star cast of comedy actors, including Jason Sudeikis, Leslie Bibb, Lake Bell, Nick Kroll, Tyler Labine, Lindsay Sloane, Martin Starr, Lucy Punch, and Will Forte, also makes it good for a few laughs—which, according to critic and fan reviews, might be all it’s good for. Don’t go into the movie thinking it will be “Citizen Kane.” Instead, you’ll find yourself taking a quick detour through a lot of steaminess and really cute comedic banter.

If you start “Elena Undone” on Hulu looking for some steam, you’ll have to put up with some clearly non-steamy sex for a while, but it will be worth it in the end. The film’s soap opera-like camerawork, lighting, dialogue, performances, and heavy-handed narration are likely to send some viewers to the higher-budget hills within ten minutes, along with everything else. But when “Elena Undone” finally gets going, the performances of Necar Zadegan and Traci Dinwiddie as the main characters Elena and Peyton, respectively, make it into a decent romance with a new take and an intimate look at a scandalous love affair.

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