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The Steamiest Movies On Netflix Right Now

The Steamiest Movies On Netflix Right Now

By israelipanda

You might find that some nights you’re in a certain mood while watching Netflix. Nothing immediately stands out. A smart documentary, a comedy, or an action film are not what you want. The realization that you already know what you want hits. You would like to watch something hot. You’re looking for a movie about sex, or at the very least, a movie with a lot of sex scenes.

Hey, you’re just a human being; No judgments made here. In fact, here are all of the most sensual movies you can watch on Netflix right now. Genuinely excellent films, critics’ favorites, and arty foreign fare are among the recommendations. Others are horny, unapologetic trash. The film’s quality is secondary. The fact that these are all films about hot people getting naked is what matters.

Naturally, not everyone will enjoy all of these movies. Some are bound to turn you off based on your personal taste and orientation, but with such a diverse selection, hopefully one will work for you. Therefore, good luck and speed, you late-night scroller.

Let’s face it: historically, the majority of films depicting sex work, particularly horror films, have not been very good. The erotic horror film “Cam,” released in 2018, is a delightful surprise for many different reasons. This intimate character study of a sex worker is a first for the horror film canon because it is refreshingly modern and humanizing.

Madeline Brewer plays Alice Ackerman, a model who works as a cam girl and performs erotica in real time for an online audience. Alice pursues with obsessive fervor the objective of becoming the top model on the website she calls home. However, Alice eventually discovers that someone else is streaming under her identity and that she has been locked out of her account. However, when she checks her own channel to identify the perpetrator, she sees either herself or, perhaps more specifically, another woman who is identical to herself. This additional woman exudes an odd, if not outright inhuman quality. Is she a fraud, a sophisticated computer program, or could something supernatural be at play?


“Cam” could have been truly awful in less skilled hands; a cumbersome and uncomplicated cautionary tale about the dangers of sexuality and the internet. However, what we get instead is an honest examination of internet sex work and freelance hustle culture from an insider’s perspective—written by former cam girl Isa Mazzei—and an unsettling, completely original horror film.


In a time when technology has reduced attention spans and made cheating easier than ever, how can you keep a long-term relationship? Drake Doremus’ romantic drama “Newness,” released in 2017, poses this question.


Martin (Nicholas Hoult) and Gabi (Laia Costa) are two promiscuous young men who meet for a brief fling after matching on a dating app. Despite the fact that neither of them was looking for anything serious, they quickly find themselves in a passionate relationship. While their passions initially burn brightly, they soon begin to lose their spark. Gabi and Martin make the decision, for the first time in either of their lives, to attempt an open relationship in an effort to once more regain that sense of “Newness.” The couple enters this new arrangement with the naive belief that it will resolve all of their issues, only to discover that polyamory alone cannot address deeper issues between them.


The movie “Newness” has two leads who look great, but be warned: Don’t watch this movie expecting love advice because you won’t ever see anything resembling a healthy and functioning relationship, polyamorous or not. Instead, you’ll see great actors in their underwear, acting moody, and making poor choices. Therefore, dim the lights, pour yourself a glass of wine, and take in every frame of this stunning train wreck in slow motion.


You owe it to yourself to see the romantic Japanese thriller “Ride or Die” in 2021 if you like your sexy noir with a sapphic flavor. Rei (Kiko Mizuhara), a lesbian woman in her late 20s who lives in Tokyo, receives an unanticipated call from Nanae (Honami Sato), a friend from high school. Rei had a crush on Nanae when they were both in school, but as far as Rei knew, Nanae was straight. It now appears that Nanae’s husband is abusing her, and she needs Rei’s help to get rid of him permanently.

Rei agrees to assist despite her better judgment, and despite her success in driving Nanae’s husband out, she also leaves behind some evidence. The two women make the decision to flee to the countryside of Japan and spend the time they have left together while they wait for the law to catch up to them because they are aware that they will soon be arrested.

“Ride or Die” is a fantastic trip thanks to its stunning cinematography and carefully crafted script. Having said that, if you’re hoping for a bloody, pulse-pounding ride that never stops, you’ll be very disappointed. Instead of sexy, violent action for the majority of the runtime, the story of two doomed people contemplating their own mortality is surprisingly melancholy. Even though it’s a beautiful story, it’s also very dark and sad, not for the faint of heart.

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