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Top 10 best smart TVs

Top 10 best smart TVs

By daniele

The smart TVs were designed so that the viewer could penetrate a great condition of applications and functions in currency from the glory that television offers. Just a few years ago, fishing for a smart TV was a major outlay, as it was a totally noticeable technology and maturity costs were skyrocketing.

However, technological advancement has consented to compendious the acquisition number of smart TVs and homes are a vague colleague in our homes. To breastfeed the balance, we have included the best cheap smart TVs for those with larger budgets, as well as the most recognized brands of smart TVs in the industry.


Sony has always been synonymous with quality, and although it has lost some dominance in the world of TVs to its Korean competitors in recent years, it continues to offer quality products, such as this 55-inch OLED.

LG 50UQ70006LB

This smart TV is for those who do not want to spend a lot of money but are willing to get the best world experience and trust the reference brand. Without making a big investment, you get a model with excellent performance and a very efficient system. It is noted that this TV has a moderate design. It does not mean that they are not well finished, but the lines and shape are clear and simple, which is not a problem if aesthetics is not important to you or simply if it will not be cared for in your room. of relaxation.

Samsung QLED 4K 2021 55Q80A

One of Samsung’s big sellers in the mid/high end. 55 inches, 4K resolution, and Quantum HDR10+, which brings out detail and contrast so you can experience full power in every image beyond any standard.


Panasonic is a classic brand in the world of technology, and this 65-inch model is the best value on Amazon.

Crystal UHD 2022 65BU8500

65-inch TV with Crystal UHD processor. More than 1 billion colors thanks to crystalline nanoparticles, maintain the purity of each image.

Sony Bravia XR A75K

The Japanese company is a force in the TV world, especially if we’re willing to be in the middle. This is where the Sony Bravia XR A75K lives, the humble OLED of 2022 and one of the most exciting for moviegoers.

Sony has gone for minimalism and functionality for this TV’s aesthetics, most of which is in its screen, with razor-thin bezels and two smart legs on the sides. It may not be the latest thing, but it’s more than automatic when you turn it on.

LG OLED of 2023

A clear response to the success of Samsung’s QD-OLED technology, which we have already seen in the impressive Samsung S95B and the so-called Sony A95K. Also, remember that many manufacturers are showing interest in Samsung’s display technology, so LG must act accordingly if it wants to keep fighting in the TV market.

Smart TV – 50 Inches

One of the best-selling TVs on Amazon with very good reviews. Nokia is not a brand that is usually related to televisions, but for just over 400 you can take home a 50-inch TV with 4K resolution.


The brand may not ring a bell, but the Chinese from CHiQ are bidding very strong with quality products at very competitive prices, such as this 50-inch 4K smart tv that has a very interesting price.

43″ LED TV Smart TV A1 Series ALU10043

Android TV.V.11: the best user experience with a large collection of applications. It has integrated Chromecast to send content easily and quickly, or 4K UHD: ultra-sharp images and high definition even in detail.

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